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Friends cut...Sorry, guys! [10 Apr 2009|12:09pm]
Yeah, I did a friends cut today. Most of you are safe, though...

To most of those that have been cut, we've done well together in the past, but lately I don't feel as though this friendship we have/had is anything resembling a two way street, and I refuse to do all the work myself. I can understand being busy, but posting regularly, yet never saying anything to me unless I post to you just doesn't do it for me. I need people that care about what's going on in MY life as much as I care about what's going on in yours.

To some others, I kinda feel as though we've just lost that connection all around. Nobody's fault, it's just that neither of us is interested in the others' posts anymore...

To the rest of you, the reason for the cut is that I simply never hear from you here anymore, so I've just assumed you've gone. If you happen to come back one day and actually WANT to have an LJ, then let me know, but that kind of behavior makes me feel as though me, my thoughts, and the thoughts and daily activities of any other friends you happen to have on here have been dumped and you could care less about anyone else. Especially when I still see you writing up a storm in other sites like Facebook, where it's almost impossible to REALLY keep up with anyone.

I do wish you all luck in everything you do, and believe it or not, I will miss you (in in some cases I HAVE missed you for a while). I hope everything is all right with you guys, though. Good luck to you all!
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[03 Mar 2009|12:28pm]
Jeeze. I am being harassed! I disagreed with this girl on my f-list, and she didn't like it, so I unfriended her. You'd think it would just end there. No..her friends start sending me messages telling me what an awful person I am. So I send her a message letting her know that her friends ganging up on me is not appreciated, especially since I can't say anything in return to them. I get ANOTHER rather rude message back...So, I banned her. She finds out she's banned, and replies to whatever comments she can find of mine in her journal. I delete them without reading them...Apparently that's not enough for her. She goes to an alternate journal that she has, sends me ANOTHER rude, harassing message, then bans me from that to prevent commenting back. Finally, I went to my alternate journal and let her know that this was getting out of hand, that she was harassing me, and that if she continued, that I'd be forced to contact LJ Abuse (I know they probably wouldn't do jack squat, but still...). *sigh* What is WRONG with some people???

EDIT: 12:48PM- Another of her friends have commented to harass. I'm keeping a record now.
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Please comment to be added! [16 Mar 2007|06:41pm]

Sorry guys, but if you don't comment, I don't know to add you back...

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